Meet David Walker

Our founder, David E. Walker holds a law degree from Massachusetts School of Law in Andover, Massachusetts, and a business degree from Pepperdine University in Malibu, California. He founded the firm from his passion for the legal field and his dedication to excellence in helping families avoid probate, reducing taxes and protecting important legacies for their families well into the future.

Attorney Walker comes to the firm with an extensive background in financial markets and investment planning. He has worked with such notable firms as Fidelity Investments, working in their Premium Services Accounts where Fidelity’s high net worth clients were serviced. He also worked for a brief time at Merrill Lynch when he decided to take his skill set to the next level by attending law school. This effort was fueled by Attorney Walker’s vision of becoming an Estate Planning Attorney.

Attorney Walker focuses most of his practice on estate planning issues such as doing one on one planning with families to help them avoid probate and spell out how their estate will be distributed when they pass away. The other benefits of doing estate planning that Attorney Walker can help with are lowering estate taxes, avoiding capital gains taxes, and stretching out the time that a beneficiary would have to take out money from retirement accounts.

Another focus that Attorney Walker spends a lot of time on is Medicaid planning. As the government struggles to keep these entitlement programs afloat they continually make it harder to qualify for these programs. However, with some hard work and deliberate effort you may still qualify for Medicaid. Attorney Walker will help with the application process and represent you in a hearing if you’re denied.

Attorney Walker also helps with asset protection planning, continuing the family business, saving taxes through charitable trust designs. Attorney Walker has extensive experience in setting up, and educating clients on using asset protection measures in their estate plan. Attorney Walker has actual in-country experience in his travels to Belize, Panama, Belgium, Luxemburg, France and Germany.

Attorney Walker prides himself in his “organic approach” to building asset protection plans. Northeast Legal Team’s proprietary 9 point planning approach, designed and developed by Attorney Walker, covers the essentials of excellent planning, making sure each of the 9 areas is explored extensively ensures that a great plan will result from this very thorough review and examination. Only then will we start our process of building your plan.

Attorney Walker’s law school litigation team was regional champion in the Thurgood Marshall Trial Competition in law school. In fact, David still volunteers his services to help out current students when he can. Aside from volunteering Attorney Walker’s hobbies are music, motorcycle riding and golfing.

Attorney Walker is active in his community and always willing to extend a hand to help where needed. If you need direction in your estate planning and don’t mind a little hand holding along the way give Attorney Walker a call. There is never any initial cost to talk about your situation and you will get a full and fair opinion of what the solution will be and what all costs are involved.

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