Asset Protection

Asset Protection Planning takes on many shapes and sizes. We take an organic approach to asset protection planning.  By organic we mean we have no preconceived notions about what your asset protection program will look like. Some asset protection planners will have a solution waiting for you when you walk through the door regardless of what your circumstances are. The problem with this approach is that in some cases it may be more than you really need.  In other cases this planning approach may not be enough.  That’s why we don’t start the process of finding a solution until will have a good grasp and understanding about what’s going on to create the threat of risk.

Asset Protection can be as simple as changing a registration name or changing title to property. However, most often even these remedies can cause additional problems in other areas such as taxes. Therefore, we use a proprietary nine point analysis before coming up with a solution to your asset protection issue.

Domestic versus Offshore Asset Protection

Asset Protection comes in two categories: Domestic and Offshore.  Domestic means that the solution will be an arrangement that keeps all your assets within the jurisdiction of the United States. Offshore means the assets will be relocated to a foreign jurisdiction. Offshore planning typically takes place when advance planning techniques are necessary.  Some planning may require a combination of both.

Control versus Trust

In no case should you have to release control and trust someone to look out for your assets. When we do your asset protection plan, either domestic or foreign we will never ask you to release control and trust someone. You will always remain in control of your assets.

Timing is everything

If you plan before trouble starts you will have more planning options available to you.  If you plan after trouble has already started your planning options are reduced dramatically. However, that’s not to say there are no solutions available.

Asset Protection is smart planning for anyone who may be the subject of a law suit. That’s just about anyone.  There is no magic number or amount of wealth before you do asset protection planning.  The only thing that is required is to have some asset that you don’t want to lose to a divorcing spouse, creditor, disgruntled business partner, a renter, a customer or a client.

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