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Take advantage of our free offer to discuss your situation with David E. Walker. He offers one hour of fact filled answers to your questions concerning Medicaid, Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney and Asset Protection. For the business owner, ask David E. Walker about business continuation and asset protection.


Our Family Law division is focused on providing excellent service when it comes to dealing in Family Law matters.  We are able to help with separation agreements, divorce, custody and child support matters. Quite often we see clients who are struggling in their divorce or child support cases with a misunderstanding of the law.  Often they depend on misguided advice or misinformation.  We are passionate when it comes to helping our clients overcome these false ideas about how the law works or what their rights are when it comes to divorce or child support.  First, we meet with our clients to determine if we can help them. Then we setup a game plan that will guide them through the entire process. 

One of the most often comments we hear from our clients is their prior attorneys would not return their phone calls or they were frustrated with the lack of communication from their prior attorney.  We pride ourselves in effective communication with our clients.  We determine upfront our clients' preferred mode of communication, whether it's email, phone calls or office visits, and follow up with our clients on  a regular basis via their preferred mode of communication. 

We all know no one's life is perfect. However, when issues relating to marriage come up you need an ally.  We focus on putting our best foot forward. Whether we are in negotiating settlements or arguing in court we strive to provide you with our top shelf representation to get you what you deserve and to get on with your life.